GCC Study Tour 2017 in Korea

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작성일 22/04/19


  • Date

    01/11/17 00:11 ~ 17/11/17 23:11

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  • Organizers

    BSR Group

Event Overview

On the upcoming 1st – 3rd of November, 2017, BSR Group will hold a study tour for Vietnamese enterprises to Korea, under the sponsorship of Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) – Korea and the support of the State Agency of Technology Innovation MOST (SATI) – Vietnam. This is a part of the trade promotion action plan for Global Commercialization Technology Consultancy 2017, which aims to connect Vietnamese and Korean enterprises and promote technology transfer in the fields of Technology Communication, Biology and Energy.

The tour is expected to provide opportunities for enterprises in Vietnam and Korea to cooperate and open up possibility of technology transfer success in a variety of economic sectors.

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